The Deck of Life - Playing The Cards You're Dealt

Inspiration for The Deck of Life emerged from my clinical observations of patients in my practice of dermatology and internal medicine. I became increasingly ware of the connection between the genetic code as it relates to body build, temperament, and disease predisposition. It was further observed that these factors were influenced by the patient’s “belief system” as it relates to personal characteristics, behavior, and reactions to life’s situations. This book explores this unique relationship and our inherent ability to alter these features. It confirms the truth that there is a choice and an unlimited capacity to live a stress free life, with peace, happiness, and longevity.

In the pages of this enlightening book the reader is guided to discover their dominant and sub-dominant temperament. A better understanding of ourselves enables us to “play a winning hand” with the cards we’re dealt in life. Consequently, we will make decisions more wisely in the areas of health, career choice, choosing a mate, child rearing, the day-to-day communications and enjoyment of the people in our lives.